Humidity is evil.

This has been a crazy summer so far. I graduated at the beginning of May, moved off campus and into a spare room in Jimmy's apartment. Since I plan to move out of Sarasota soon, I tried looking for a part-time job in the area. I applied to several places and contacted a few people about working for design and printing companies in town, but nothing turned up, so I've gone back to working at Ye Olde Cold Stone for the duration. I can honestly say I would never have expected to work there again, but the pay should be just enough to fuel me (and my car) to move out of state, which is just what I need after 21 years of living in Florida.
I spent the first month of summer at Jimmy's, and now I'm bunking down at Sara's. Even without being able to really get much done creatively (most of my belongings haven't left their boxes from the first move, including most art supplies), there is still something inspiring about spending this time with these people, getting to know them better. It's kind of like being somewhere new, even though I haven't really gone anywhere. Although I'm still in Sarasota working a food service job for minimum wage, I think the knowledge that I'm paving my way towards my goals is enough to make it worthwhile.

Since I haven't been able to work on much art-related stuff recently, and I have yet to post anything from it, some excerpts from my senior thesis project, a children's cookbook:


A recipe from the Desserts section of the book: