Bibbity Bobbity Blog.

"Everybody was doing it, I just wanted to be popular."

First post in a new space. Here's to (hopefully) consistency and frequent posting! To start with, here's a painting from my Illustration class last semester - gouache on tile. I would advise not working on tile unless you're like me, and have a bunch of them left over from a previous project.


Kate Dwiggins said...

I foooooooound yoooooooou o____o

Hehe, thanks for telling me you got a blog--I will now internet stalk you, as is the way of things.

Gail said...

Hey! I'm so glad you started a blog. I love the little girl and the monster.

Arrolynn said...

I love this piece! Make sure you post the piece with the snow and the buildings in the background, good job on both!