I've been working on assignments...

...all the live-long day!
Though you'd never know it, what with the lack of work that is here! I am hoping to remedy that, so all you nay-sayers will soon be appeased!
I have plans for a website in the works, and once I've gotten that published, I'm going to upload my animatics, but for the time being, here is a board from my most recent one:

Devious looking, isn't he? He's not as evil as he seems, I swear!

As for my thesis, everything is going well; I've been busy finalizing the complete list of recipes I want to include in my book. I've been making spot illustrations thus far, including this one to be included in a preliminary chapter about cooking/baking preparation:

Time to get back to work!


Unknown said...

Unibrow cat? I like it.

Good to see you finally post a little thesis!

Arrolynn said...

YAAAAAAAAY. YAAAAAY. GOOO TIFFANY. KEEP THEM COMING!! WHOOOOOO!! hehe how's that for post encouragment?

Jack Koetje said...

Well there was this friend, and lets just say I think she deserved it quite a bit ^__^ Unibrow cat is amazing btw XD

Keita Kazo said...

Lovin that cat!