Vote for me!

....no, not for President, though I don't think I'd do too shabby of a job. I would, however, appreciate it very much if you would please vote for my card design in Hallmark and (PRODUCT)RED's YourHoliday Competition! My design was picked as one of twenty finalist submissions; voting begins October 13th and runs until December 22nd, with one vote being allotted per person per day. In addition to a personal prize, there is also a monetary donation in the winner's name to The Global Fund, so I'm really glad to be involved in this contest.

Please vote for my design, thanks in advance, and happy (sort of early) holidays!


J.S.Choi said...

Hey Tiff!
Wish you luck on the RED competition. I just voted for you after hearing from Jimmy. Btw, the link you gave didn't seem to work, but this one seems to: http://www.hallmarkcontests.com/index.cfm. Thought you might want to know.

Also... I also wanted to say-- Idiot! I heard from Jimmy you didn't know how to contact me. Just give me a call on my cell over the weekends whenever you like. You know the number. ^^ If not, then email me to get it (Julia.S.Choi@gmail.com). Don't need to be a stranger, you Irish Drunken Nazi! That's right, I called you that cause your Blog name reminds me of such things as well as the Producers... :cough cough:

Anyways! I go now since I have much to do and sights to see. So talk to you later. Good luck again on the RED voting thing. See ya.


Sorrentino said...

You know I keep coming back here! Your work is real amazing! Hope your career is going amazing!!!